Popular Sourcing History

Here, we need to emphasize that these are real histories, We only record them so that we don't forget them. Hardworking everyone makes Popular Sourcing Inc more meaningful.


A new year, a year for hope...


This is the year of Popular Sourcing Inc examination, we basically stopped all business. For everyone's health! But we do a lot of preparation at home for the future business.


We say it's Upgrade Year! The original company name has been closed and a new company name has been used for a better future. To provide our customers with more reliable services.


At the beginning of the year, we exited ASICentral, This year we are became a qualified supplier of American solution for Business, BrandVia & Everything Branded...


It's a memorable year,Completed the third stage of sales task, annual sales exceeded 5 million And a new office.


After the adjustment in the first half of the year, we finally broke through the million sales target. We will work harder in the future.

Our team has six new members, They are lucas/jessie/mandy/peter/laurel. They are brave heroes in the future.


We set up an American company in beautiful California.

We joined ASICentral and became their supplier member.


I say it the popular sourcing studio, and I started the studio in Suzhou, China....