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Personalized desk clocks to current and potential customers, you want something that they will keep and see frequently. Any hard worker knows the value of being able to keep track of the time without getting distracted. Promotional desk clocks are a useful, decorative addition to any workspace when done tastefully. With Popular Sourcing, you can design a logo desk clock that elegantly promotes your brand at a cost that allows you to maximize your marketing budget. Every branded Clocks comes with our customized services and factory delivery to your clients directly.

What should you put on your customized desk clock?

Typically, when creating promotional items for your business, the most important components are your brand name and logo, displayed in a highly visible area. After all, they are marketing materials. However, when designing your customized desktop clock, you should first consider how you are using them. If you’re giving them out to a smaller group of people for a special reason, you might want to forgo stamping a huge logo in the middle of it and make it more personalized. However, if you’re choosing a more simplistic design that you’ll be giving to a large group, you may be able to get away with more blatant advertising by creating desk clocks with a company logo that is strategically placed.

Depending on the style you select, you may instead choose to include your business’s slogan. If the personalized desk clock has a special purpose, you can include a more personalized message. For instance, if you wanted to recognize an employee or a select group of customers, we have clocks that double as awards. That being said, minimalism is usually encouraged on promotional items that you want clients to display.

What are the best looking desk clocks that you offer?

Some of our most popular high-end desk clocks include:

Our silver photo frame clock is sure to find a permanent place on any desk.

For a sleek, modern design, we recommend our Vittoria Desk Clock

For a more traditional, yes still striking design, our Victoria desk clock is a popular choice.