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Caps is another very good choice as promotional products as it helps in conveying a style statement apart from very good utility for a longer period of time. Caps starts from ordinary low price caps to high price caps for owners of luxury cars. Caps is worn by a new born to old age person and displays your ad or logo. Caps can be seen used by all age, gender and income group and carries your message for a longer period of time. Another advantage is that you need not go for smaller quantities and because of attractive price points you can even consider very large quantities to make noise at the market place. You can even cover multiple events like outdoor, vacation, sports, leisure, fashion. Military uses caps, Santa Claus uses hats, police uses caps or hats, cowboys has one and even models are known for using it as fashion statement. Why not you also consider using it once to see the impact on your promotions?

What styles and brands of hats are available to create my own custom hats?

At Popular Sourcing, we have an expansive collection of custom printed hats and caps to choose from. The styles we offer include:

  • Ball-caps
  • Beanies
  • Sun visors
  • Hats
  • Bandanas
  • Headbands and wristbands
  • Scarves

At Popular Sourcing, we have custom hat options for every purpose. And that’s not all. You can also find  custom shirts swag glasses, and much more to promote your brand!

How much do custom hats cost?

The cost of custom hats depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of caps you’re ordering, the brand, and other customization options you choose, such as screen-printed caps or custom-embroidered hats. The price also depends on the style you choose, whether it be bandanas, ball-caps, beanies, or sun visors. However, you can find cotton ball-caps as low as $3 a piece, for example, or drawstring hats nearing $50 a piece. When it comes to our pricing at Popular Sourcing, the more of an item you order, the more money you’ll save per item. This standard holds true for all of our customizable items, whether you need matching promotional hoodies  or logo fanny packs are more your style.

Is there a minimum to the number of custom hats I have to purchase?

Yes, depending on the brand and style of custom hat you choose, there will be a minimum number of caps you will have to purchase to place your order. However, that doesn’t always mean you have to order a huge amount. If you’re ordering sun visors for your tennis team, for example, there are a few options that allow you to order as few as 12. Or, if you’re looking for custom golf ball-caps, you’ll either have to order a minimum of 12, 24, 36, or 72, depending on the brand you choose.